The Six-Pack Secret
The other day I received a call from my friend Bill in Seattle.

Here’s what he told me:
"Chris, it's just like you said.  It's literally impossible to overeat when I eat the stuff you recommend.  I get it now."
This made my day, as it always does, of course.

But more importantly, it validates something I’ve been saying for a long time …

When you master your hormones, you master your life.

Everything becomes soooo much easier when you truly incorporate this.
It also means ...
  •  no more useless cardio (unless you truly enjoy it, of course)
  •  no more pain-in-the-ass calorie counting
  •  no more yo-yo “cutting” then “bulking”
  •  no more "cheat day every weekend"
  •  no more relying on the doomed strategy of willpower
Don't Fight a Losing Battle
The truth is, you never have to worry about counting calories again.

This has led to a lot of arguments online, as you might imagine ...

Ever since I began uncovering the bulls**t that has been fed to us, and then shared it with others, I make some people angry. Some people are SO attached to their own little pet theories, and that’s fine.  

And I get trolled a fair amount, but I don’t care. I’m much more interested in those who put their agendas aside and actually give my methods an honest effort.
Lex is someone else who found me online and immediately “got it” …
Results like this aren’t too hard to find. They’re actually inevitable when you simply decide to leverage our ancestral traits rather than buck against them.
Lex is utilizing one of The Six-Pack Secrets

It's called the "Surviving vs. Thriving Paradox"

Here’s how that works …
Everything in nature operates on a feedback loop. In tough times, our DNA triggers survival mechanisms that would be quite useful 30,000 years ago during a long, cold winter.  

But unfortunately our culture is filled with distortions in our diets, lifestyles, and environments that trigger and re-trigger these survival mechanisms on a daily basis. 

This is a good news - bad news situation.

First, the BAD NEWS: These triggers cause our bodies to pump hormones for our short-term survival instead of our long-term prosperity. This leads to the cycle of depression and disease that causes so much suffering in our world.

Now the GOOD NEWS: Our DNA is also equipped to help us thrive during the good times. Nature has pre-programmed our bodies for summer on the savanna. This feedback loop is also triggered and re-triggered by cues from our diet, lifestyle, and environment.
By giving our bodies the right signals on a daily basis we can naturally optimize our hormones and live in a cycle of ease.
Which Would You Rather Trigger for YOUR Body:
Just Surviving
(Feels like a long cold winter)
Totally Thriving
(Feels like a warm beautiful summer)
  •  Minimal sun exposure: It's winter.
  • Hoarding energy: Slower metabolism and increased fat storage.
  • Low quality foods: Resorting to grains and less nourishing plant foods.
  •  Depressed mood: Saves energy.
  •  Limited movement: Saves energy.
  •  Reduced sex drive and impaired fertility.
  •  Selfishness:  I need to look out for No. 1.
  •  Focused on short-term survival.
  •  Abundant sun exposure: It's summer.
  •  Wasting energy: Increased metabolic rate and excreting unused ketone bodies ("calories").
  • Highest quality foods: Feasting on delicious prey mammals and the bounty of the sea.
  •  Pervasive optimism: The ideal mood for hunting and reproduction.
  •  Abundant movement:  Hunting, fishing and playing every day.
  •  Maximum sex drive and fertility.
  •  Teamwork: We all prosper by working together.
  •  Interested in long-term planning and group prosperity.
So How Do You Break the Vicious Cycle of the Long Cold Winter?
It’s really simple. We need to give our bodies the signals that it’s summertime on the savanna and that everything we need to thrive is available in abundance. 

The best way to get started is with food. The reason so many of us are stuck in the vicious cycle is because the standard American diet is loaded with cheap grains that never satisfy the reward pathway in our brains. 

When we start eating grains, our body’s innate intelligence causes us to keep eating because it believes we are facing extreme scarcity. 

Unfortunately, the opposite is true in 2018 — there’s literally an abundance of cheap grains everywhere you look in America. 

It’s this mismatch between our modern environment and our DNA that starts us on the path to chronic western disease. 

By simply eating nourishing foods on a daily basis we can satisfy the reward pathway in our brains and provide our bodies with everything they need to thrive.  
Let me give you a quick example of this from my own life to bring this home for you …
Back in college my friend John and I would go to the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Tacoma. We would eat basket after basket of bread, and then order our spaghetti.

They had a special deal: for an extra $1.99 you could get “hearty size” portions that were DOUBLE the size of the regular portions. We’d both eat that PLUS re-order another $1.99 hearty-sized portion.

We’d eat every last bit. Which meant that for just an extra $3.98 we had carb-loaded on FOUR times the amount of pasta of a normal-sized plate … plus baskets of breadsticks … plus spumoni ice cream. 

The result? A massive over-stretching of my stomach to uncomfortable dimensions in order to accommodate the 6,000 to 8,000 calories.

For those of you who have done a similar thing, you know that this isn’t all that hard to do when you’re eating grain-based food that’s been processed and has relatively little nutritional value.

But let’s flip the script ...

... Let's see what happens when, instead of choosing food with little nutritional value, you enjoy the type of food that actually trips your body’s natural satiety trigger …

a prime rib, for example.

A massive 24-ounce cut of prime rib is a full pound and a half of fatty animal flesh. Prime rib nourishes your body with essential fats, amino acids, and minerals like selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. 

It satisfies your brain’s reward pathway and shuts off your hunger

My wife Randel recently made me a perfect medium-rare prime rib for a special occasion. And even though I absolutely love prime rib, I literally could not finish my entire 24-ounce steak, which amounted to only 2,400 calories.

That’s because it’s impossible to overate fatty animal flesh. Your body’s innate intelligence shuts down your hunger thanks to a hormone called leptin.

Do you see the difference? 

Now I’m not saying you have to go 100% carnivorous to meet your goals.

But I AM saying that Lex and others succeeding with my approach are operating on what I call the "24/7 Savanna Mindset”

Never forget that every bite of food we take has a hormonal experience. 

Every bite of food causes a release of certain hormones, energy and information systems that change throughout the body: insulin, glycugon, leptin, grehlin, cortisol, epinephrine, norapeneprhine, sex hormones.  

And over time those hormones are affecting your genes.  

My friend named Spencer is another shining example. He’s in his mid 80’s, sharp as a tack, and has an incredible zest for life. He works full-time at one of the leading hospitals in the country and he travels to China for business on a regular basis. He has lots of friends, three great kids, in their 40’s and 50’s, several grand kids and he loves his life! 

THAT’S what you get when you’re biological operating system is on the “24/7 Savanna Mode”

There’s another important piece the puzzle I’d like to talk about.  

This might be the most important factor of all. That’s because if you don’t get THIS right, then you’ll never give yourself a chance when it was sitting in front of you the whole time.

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