The Six-Pack Secret
I’m no one special. But I’ve been smart enough to not take anyone’s word for it when it comes to health and nutrition.

I’ve done a few things right, made a few mistakes, and have learned a lot from trial and error.

I’ve seen a whole lot of the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

It’s been a nearly decade-long journey that’s led me to help transform dozens of happy clients in person as well as attract a rabid following online of thousands more.

I've immersed myself in medical journals and scholarly articles about nutrition, environment and exercise. I've studied, trained, and became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. After obtaining my certification, I was selected for a prestigious Athletic Performance internship at UCLA, where I had the privilege of working alongside some of the best strength coaches in the world as we trained world-class athletes.

And what I’ve learned is this …

… Every one of us has certain traits that have been "baked in" over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

Live or die. Eat or be eaten.

Don’t kid yourself. These impulses still control us, even though we can pull up to a drive-through loudspeaker and order food any time we want.  (You don’t even have to get out of your own car!)  
These survival mechanisms don’t serve us anymore. 

And yet we’re still a slave to them, day by day … sometimes hour by hour.

Forget about why. We know why. 

It’s called evolution. Survival of the fittest. 

And trust me, your chances of turning around that battleship are as likely as convincing an African lion to eat tofu.

Rather than curse our ancestral biology, why not leverage it to your advantage instead?

You can, you know.

Before I show you how, let’s talk about how you’ve been lied to ... 

This is important if you are going to break free of all the back-sliding that can be so discouraging. Which is caused, in large part, to all the misinformation we’re fed.  

There is some serious shit being hidden under the carpet.  
Fitness experts rarely talk about this openly, but I’m going to expose you to some of it now.
Lies You’ve Been Told That Have Kept You From Discovering the Six-Pack Secret — And What To Do About It ... 
Let’s start with the lie that calories matter.

Know this:  As soon as you restrict calories, you set yourself up for failure.  

I know that goes against almost everything you know.  But trust me on this ...

You must FEAST every night to replenish the willpower you need to actually achieve that six pack.  

So every time you make a promise to yourself like, “I’m only going to eat 1,200 calories,” or “I’m going to create a 500-calorie deficit,” it's only a matter of time before you are run over by the truck named Your Biological Drive to Eat.  

When you restrict your calories, your body WILL hold onto calories. 

(Again, evolution. And again, you're not changing that.)

I’m willing to bet that everyone reading this right now —including you — has at one point gone on a diet, gotten some results, and then back-slid all of the way because they could not restrict their calories in the long run.  

Doesn’t matter if you were just trying to lose 10 pounds … or 100 pounds ... it always works the same.

Once you do this three or four times, then you’re forced to say, “Screw it. My New Years resolution is NOT going to be weight loss or getting a six pack again because I know how it turns out, and that's just stupid. I never get there and I gain it all back anyway.”

And if you’re talking about restricting calories, well, you would be right.  

My heart goes out to anyone who has said that. If this was you, please know it wasn’t your fault. You’ve been fed a lie (no pun intended).
Oh, and I can hear some of you already ...

“But Chris, wait! That’s bullshit. If I just eat as much as I want, then I'll never lose the weight. Thermodynamics, right? Calories in, calories out, how do you get around that?” 
And to that I say, "Au contraire mon ami.” 

You will create a spontaneous calorie deficit because you will eat all that you want and you literally cannot overeat certain foods.

I’m talking about real food that will nourish you. Complete protein that will shut off all of your hunger, shut off all of your cravings. 

You will break all of your food addictions and when you just eat unlimited quantities of these foods. 

Oh, and they're delicious foods, too. We’re talking about unlimited steak, butter, eggs, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. Sweet potatoes and squash. Unlimited quantities with as much freaking butter as you want. 

Eating in this way results in spontaneous calorie reduction
Does this sound too good to be true?  

I wouldn’t blame you. 

But when you see the visual proof on the next page, you just might fall out of your chair.

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