The Six-Pack Secret
"You don't know me," she said. "But I have to tell you something ..."
I’ve always been one to go against the grain. 

Ever since I was a teenager and watched my Dad die of cancer at a young age, I was a person who questioned EVERYTHING.

That's me, sitting next to my Dad in June 1985, on the same day my little brother was born at Madigan Army Medical Center, Fort Lewis, WA
That rebellious, question-everything nature has never changed, btw.

And so back to my man Nicco …

When Nicco stopped me in mid-sentence to tell me he wasn’t willing to go through “Biggest Loser Hell” again, I resisted the impulse to do what nearly every other trainer might have done.

I didn’t try and change his attitude.  

I didn’t give him a motivational speech.  

I didn’t put a happy face on it.  

I knew damn well that he had good reason to feel cheated by a system that forced him to do things that virtually guaranteed his heart-breaking relapse.

I didn’t plead with Nicco. I simply asked him if he would meet me in person the next day.  

I am eternally grateful that Nicco said yes that day.  

But I was also a little bit scared.

Here’s why. 

Nicco had damn good reasons for feeling betrayed by the likes of me.

Even though I had been refining and improving my approach since the day I completed my original 70-day transformation, I had no idea if I could really get my friend off the weight loss roller coaster ... and keep him off.

Nicco, at this point, was close to 400 pounds again and diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic.    
And Then a Single Moment at the 
Gym Changed Everything ...
Fast forward a few short months later. 

By following what I told him to do, Nicco had dropped to under 300 pounds for the first time in 10 years. And he had lowered his A1C so dramatically that his doctor couldn’t even diagnose him as PRE-diabetic, let alone full-blown type 2.

But here’s the best part …

Not long after Nicco had returned to a healthy weight, we were at the gym working out when a young woman walked right up to Nicco and said something I will never forget. 

I had seen this woman at the gym before, but we had never spoken. I would later find out she was a pro golfer, but in this moment she was nothing more than a stranger who walked straight up to my friend Nicco and delivered the following statement loud enough for me to overhear:

“You don’t know me,” she said to Nicco, “but I just want to tell you something. I’ve seen you in here a long time and just ...WOW ... you’ve really lost an incredible amount of weight.”

The words had gushed out of her with such enthusiastic sincerity, that she suddenly caught herself and felt a little self-conscious.

“You look great, that’s all I wanted to say,” she added. “That must feel really awesome.”

She gave an embarrassed wave and told Nicco she would let him get back to his workout.

Completely unsolicited. 

Totally out of the blue.

I put down the dumbbells I was holding. I looked at Nicco. 

He didn’t know her either. She was just a vaguely recognizable face he couldn’t quite place.  

And she had just given him the ultimate validation: an unsolicited compliment without any agenda whatsoever. 

The look on Nicco’s face in that moment is something I’ll never forget.

And you have to remember that this was long after Nicco had achieved his results. 

He was clearly never going to back-slide again. This was the "new normal" for him. 

Now this might sound corny, but in that moment I felt such a rush of awe and pure happiness for my friend that it superseded any personal accomplishment I could ever remember. 

I mean, here was a guy who had every reason in the world to give up, to accept his family’s health tragedies as pure destiny, to retire to the couch and play out the string like the vast majority of American men, slowly circling the drain in denial of creeping weight gain, depleted energy and low sex drive …

... and instead, he had decided to take another chance to make it happen for himself, putting his faith in me in the process …

… and so as I basked in the secondary glow of Nicco’s validation, I realized that helping him with HIS success felt just as fulfilling as creating my own — if not more so.

Seeing him feel good is what made ME feel so awesome.
But I know what you’re thinking …

“Sounds great, Chris, but how's he doing NOW ??”  
Nicco Before
Nicco Now
Well, Nicco is doing just GREAT, thanks for asking  :-) 

No back-sliding, no late-night cravings, no crashing and burning … just continued strength and health by leveraging some little-known truths about our hormonal and metabolic systems. (More on that shortly.)

"But what does this have to do with getting a six pack?"

Answer:  Everything.

Let me explain ...  
Listen, my clients are all over the map ...

Some, like Nicco, have serious health issues and simply want to get to a weight that's perfect for them.

Otheres have more sports-specific or aesthetic goals. This of course includes getting a six-pack.

But the No. 1 problem in achieving any fitness goal — whether it's simply to lose weight or create a chiseled 8-pack — is this: 

 Can you get there ... and STAY THERE?

THAT, my friends, is what The Six-Pack Secret is all about.

And that's exactly what I’m going to be sharing with you over the next few pages.

If you follow my advice — like all my successful clients have — then you can absolutely have the exact body you want … and you can do it all without suffering or the discouraging backsliding that can crush your soul. 

Never let anyone tell you that you can't do it, that your genetics are inferior, or that you're simply not good enough. 

That's bullshit and you need to REJECT it with every fiber of your being. 

The radical and honest truth is that you possess the DNA of the finest Apex Predator that's ever walked the face of the earth. Every cell of your body carries the genetic code for a beast that would laugh at a saber tooth tiger and turn a dire wolf into a pet. 

Unfortunately, your DNA has been blunted from expressing your true self by decades of living in a culture that distorts the nature that would suit you best. 

Sometimes we just have to face the facts.
Click below and we’ll face them together.
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