Welcome to the Six-Pack Secret
The Six-Pack Secret Begins with One Simple Fact:
Everything You Know About
"Before and After" Pictures Is a Big, Fat Lie

(... Plus Other Assorted Truths No One Tells You)


This is a personal letter straight from the gut — and heart. 
It might offend some.  I'm fine with that. 
But right, wrong or indifferent, I feel it's stuff that needs to be said.
My name is Chris Krueger.  I'm somewhat famous for a "before-and-after" video I did several years ago.

It accurately tracked my journey from Oreo-smashing fat dude to ... well, you've seen the pics by now.

That video has gotten 3.3 million views ... and counting.  One of the comments underneath the video said this:
Yes, that 70-day transformation video I made was 100% real. It changed a lot of lives, too, not just mine.

Best of all, I was able to maintain my results more easily than you might guess. 

 (If anything, I’m in even BETTER shape. And I never count calories or think about it much, to be honest.)
But there’s more to the story … a LOT more … and there’s a dark underbelly to this whole business of health and fitness you need to know about.

In the next few pages I’m going to “reframe” your reality … just a little — but enough to give you some big “a-HA!” moments.
I’m going to answer, once and for all, the following questions about The Six-Pack Secret:
  •  How do Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman and Chris Pratt can get so ripped and lean in just a few weeks before filming begins?
  •  Better yet, how can I get a six-pack … and MAINTAIN it … for the LONG TERM?
  • How do I get off the weight loss roller coaster (the “Yo-Yo Syndrome”)?
  •  How come nutritional recommendations keep changing?
  •  Why does it seem like I’m stuck with mediocre results when it feels like I've been busting my ass for years with this stuff?
  •  How do I prevent the back-sliding that happens when I fall off the wagon?
I'm going to reveal the answer to all these questions.

First, let me tell you a brief story ...
"I don't care how much weight I lost. I'm NEVER doing that again, bro!"
I did not say those words. 

They were uttered to me once by a fitness client of mine (now a good friend, funny how that works).

Quick background: Growing up, Nicco was always “The Big Guy” in school. At 6-foot-3, 260 pounds, he was an all-league tackle in football.  

But like a lot of large, athletic guys, he got — there’s no other way to say this — he got F-A-T after his playing days.  

He eventually ballooned to 385 pounds. Even scarier, Nicco came from a family that had experienced all manner of metabolic disaster. I’m talking blindness and amputation caused by diabetes ... heart attacks ... early onset of Alzheimer’s ... you get the idea.

Here’s what happened … 

Before I met Nicco, he did some sort of program that helped him lose 85 pounds.

Great, right? Well …

... not only did Nicco eventually gain all that weight back, but he even put on an extra 10-20 pounds just for good measure.

And here’s the worst part …

When Nicco hit rock bottom this second time, even though he “knew the formula” for losing a lot of weight ... he refused to do it again.

(That formula, by the way, is the “reasonable” one touted by most of the so-called “experts” and “gurus” out there. 

 Tell me if any of this sound familiar. Maybe you’ve tried these yourself:
  •  Restrict your calories
  •  Work out like crazy
  •  "Do cardio"
  •  Eat a high-fiber diet
  •  Cycle carbs
  •  Count calories
  •  Do "bulking" then "cutting"
  •  Employ "strategies" for dealing with HUNGER
I could go on. More on all this shortly. You’ve probably done a lot of these yourself.

Nicco had been there, done all that. He had already conquered the  mountain.  

And here’s the thing — Nicco knew it would work again.

(By the way, this story applies to you even if your fitness goal is something other than weight loss.)

So when it came to roll up his sleeves and begin anew, what he said shocked me:

“Chris, I don’t care how much weight I lost. I’m never doing that again, bro!”

“Wait, what?” I asked. Why??”

“Because I was so miserable," he said.  "It was SO HARD. And I’ll just feel like a loser when I gain it all back.”

This was hard to hear. This was my professional calling, after all, helping people become their physical and mental best.

I’m the guy, after all, who’s famous for telling everyone to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Which is why Nicco’s refusal to even try again — something that he knew would actually work! — caused me to question nearly everything I had achieved for myself and my clients to that point …

My own success felt empty and meaningless in the face of one very hard reality:
What’s the point of “before and after” photos if there aren’t any “LASTING” photos?  
Before and after photos are merely quick snapshots in time.  

I’m interested in FOREVER.  

I’m interested in DECADES, not, “Let’s get fit for my class reunion and then let it slowly go to hell again” …

I’m interested in a photo labeled “before” and the next one labeled, “THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.”

Aren’t you?  

If you’re not — if you’re looking for a quick fix or magic pill — that’s cool. But you can stop reading right here and leave this page now. Because I'm not about that.

So many others give lip service to the notion of “keeping it off,” but that’s only because they HAVE to say that.  

They say that just to get you in the front door.  

Honestly, that’s the diet and fitness industry’s dirty little secret that no one likes to admit to you.  

Don’t kid yourself. It’s good for business when people get on the weight loss roller coaster.
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