The Six-Pack Secret
I’m going to wrap this up now …

… and then give you the opportunity to get my Six-Pack Secret for FREE.

Let’s quickly summarize the steps on how to overcome all obstacles to the body you’ve always wanted — for the long term.
  •  Understand that it's not about "before" pictures or "after" pictures. It's about maintaining that new body ... FOREVER.
  • ​If you have ever succeeded before, only to fall back into old habits and have lost previous gains, realize that you or your "willpower" was not at fault. 
  • Never let anyone tell you that you can't do it, that your genetics are inferior, or that you're simply not good enough.
  • ​Rather than fall prey to the same survival mechanisms that have ruled human traits and impulses for the last 200,000 years, LEVERAGE them instead to your full advantage.
  • Stop counting calories. Stop restricting them. Engage in eating that results in spontaneous calorie reduction.
  • Master your hormones to master your life.  
  •  Stop training your body to look for short-term survival and instead teach it to thrive as if you live on an abundant savanna (which you already do, you know).
  • Tune out the conflicting noise. Stop chasing shiny objects. Narrow your choices to the ones scientifically and biologically proven to work.
Are You Ready to Finally Learn the Secret to Getting a Six-Pack ... and KEEPING IT?
You're about to discover the fundamentals I've used to create amazing results not only for myself but for the many real-world clients I've trained.

What makes it so powerful is its simplicity and its flexibility.  

I look forward to sharing it with you.  See you on the inside ...
The Six-Pack Secret
Video-based multi-media course that reveals the secret to effortless abs
This course contains:
  • Video No. 1:  The Six-Pack Secret revealed!  You'll also learn how to lay the proper foundation by setting yourself up for success.
  • Video No. 2:  Discover how to leverage The Six-Pack Secret to make your effortless abs a daily reality.
  • Video No. 3:  Watch and follow along as I show you a real-time live demo of a short workout containing the three best exercises to make your abs "pop."  (Nearly everyone else gets these wrong!  We can almost guarantee that you have not seen this before.)
  • Action Planner PDF:   My "Make It Happen Action Planner" keeps you accountable and shows you how to track your progress step by step.
  • Interview Transcript PDF:  I recently was the subject of an interview in which I explained some of the finer points and answered frequently asked questions.  You'll maximize your results with this information.
  • The Six-Pack Secret Infographic:   A handy, one-page chart that summarizes my "BFF Formula" in an easy, at-a-glance format.
What makes this course so powerful is its simplicity and its flexibility.  

I look forward to sharing it with you.  See you on the inside ...
Chris Kruger
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